Who Are We?

Pangiah is a Dubai based venture builder formed by industry veterans who bring a collective experience of 30+ years across tech, education, healthcare and finance.

We specialise in leveraging technology smartly for each venture we endeavour to incubate and identify the potential for strategic sub-brands that share synergy with an overarching business idea.

Much like our name, we believe all great businesses also derive their genesis from one foundation – an intention to solve a human problem and cause positive disruption in the process.

What Is Our Process?

To take up a venture idea, it needs to meet these 3 requirements –

Personal Connect
At least one member of our core team must have a genuine interest in the idea.

Human Element
There must be a problem, irrespective of whether it is big or small, the product or service solves.

Growth Factor
The market size for the venture should yield long-term potential for growth.

What Are We Building?

A game-changing ed-tech platform with bespoke tools and features, it unlocks new revenue for teachers, while creating an impact for learners.

A novel and impact-driven mental well-being ecosystem powered by technology and bridging the gap between practitioners and clients.

  • Sectors we are ideating on
    • Ai solutions within Education and Healthcare
    • Real Estate solution aggregator for Developers, Realtors & Stakeholders (Buyers & Sellers)

Meet Our Core Team

Varun Boughram – Co-Founder, Chief Strategist & Wizard of Everything
A banker turned entrepreneur, Varun has worked with entities of varied sizes worldwide for the past 11 years to understand their key challenges, identify pragmatic and impactful levers for their growth and devise innovative tech-based solutions. He envisions better mousetraps, architects solutions, and drives execution at Pangiah.

Ashwin Jayaram – CTO, Product Manager & Digital Prophet
Ashwin Jayaram is a seasoned product and technology consultant with 9 years of international work experience in helping brands of all sizes improve their ROI through ideating and developing tech-based innovative solutions.

Rashid Akram – Software Engineer, Product Manager & Trouble-Shooter of Problems
Equipped with 12 years of expertise as a product manager and engineering manager, Rashid has worked with brands of all sizes across a variety of verticals, including e-commerce, fintech, ed-tech, facility management, and software.

Dharmik Moradiya – UX, Product Designer, and Curator of Great Impressions
A UX and product designer with 6 years of experience, Dharmik provides end-to-end design for SAAS, e-commerce, B2B and B2C projects. His UX design strategy is rooted in finding optimal solutions for end-users.

Priya Cima – Chearful Product Manager & Organization Well-being Expert
Priya’s career started in Psychology, and her interests consistently stayed in this area, expanding to include organizational and individual well-being. Working in the public and private sectors, she has significant insights and skills within areas of sector/organization-wide policy and procedures, governance, and regulatory frameworks.

Eslam Shiref – Wellness & Nutrition Manager (keeping the team and clients Healthy & Fit)
Eslam is a nationally certified Nutritionist & Personal Trainer with 8+ years of experience and has helped in creating detailed diets and personalized training plans for over 600 customers and 20 professional athletes. In his pursuit to help more people lead a healthy lifestyle, he found the link between physical fitness and mental well-being.

Maria Fatima – Admin & Operations Lead (the glue that holds us together)
Maria has more than 6 years of experience within diverse industries with C-suite, executive, and senior-level directors. She has a strong ability to streamline processes, maximize efficiency, and foster professional relationships and collaborations within any organization. Her commitment to excellence and ethics keeps the Pangiah engine going.

Devika Singh – Co-Founder (Chearful.com), Psychologist & Entrepreneur
Devika is a licensed Psychologist with over 18 years of experience across US and UAE. She is proud to say that she works in her dream job, which involves working with individuals and families to facilitate flourishing relationships. In addition to clinical practice at the Hundred Wellness Centre in Dubai she is the Chief Positive Psychologist at a leading institution.

Want To Connect?

If you are an industry veteran who wants to join our team of disruptors or an entrepreneur who needs a platform to incubate your idea holistically, drop us an email – contact@pangiah.com